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Our mission is to enable every client’s business vision through the engagement of passionate MSS employees who assure astonished customers.

About MSS

As a management consulting firm, our focus is to facilitate and educate – to help our clients achieve industry leading performance in their operations through best practices and the proper application of technology. Our clients include high tech start-ups, second stage growth companies and Global 2000 firms. We partner with our clients to:

Effect Change – MSS facilitates clear strategies that drive change while fostering innovation through an external perspective.

Improve Performance – MSS works with our clients to create excellence in operations and processes that enable measurement and accountability while reducing risk and enhancing value chains.

Leverage Technology – MSS facilitates the alignment of technology for business advantage and partners with our clients to implement and optimize critical business systems.

Our vision is to innovate the way business management consulting solutions are delivered and eliminate the word failure from the information systems vocabulary.

We adhere to the following core values:
1. Identify the right problems for our clients
2. Bring new ideas and solutions to the market
3. Do whatever it takes to meet a client’s need
4. Build relationships with our stakeholders
5. Take ownership of our careers
6. Enrich lives, create adventure
7. Never be afraid to try anything new
8. Be tough in the face of difficulty

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